Full spots, detailed breakdowns, turntables, and references viewable [here].


00:02-00:04, 00:38-00:39 – [Hennessy]
00:23-00:24, 00:48-00:50

Gondola – Textures, Shaders, Look Dev
Balloon – Partial Texture, LookDev
Mari, Maya, Arnold, Nuke
I created textures & shaders for the gondola using reference images from Piccard’s journey in the 1930’s. I also did partial texture & look development for the balloon cloth together with CG lead.
00:05-00:08 – [Brand Jordan]
Stadium crowd clothing – Model, Texture
Maya, Mari
00:09-00:10 – [Hennessy]
Trieste – Texture
00:10-00:11, 00:21-00:22 – [Nike]
Uniform names & numbers – Track, Model, Animation
After the spot had been completed, the design of the uniforms changed resulting in the need for numbers on the jerseys and shorts to be replaced, as well as players’ last names to be added to the back of their shirts. I tracked the name & numbers onto the uniform, then sculpted each one frame by frame to give a cloth-like effect as one with the uniform.
00:12-00:13,00:26-00:29 – [ESPN]
Bear Traps – Texture, Shader, Light, Render, Precomp
Trojan Horse – Rig, Animation, Textures, Shaders, Light, Render, Precomp
Maya, Mari, Arnold, Nuke
I was responsible for all CG except modeling in this spot, and lead CG on all calls and client sessions.
Bear Traps – Three foreground and all background traps are CG, while midground traps were in the plate. I was responsible for the entire pipeline except modeling.
Trojan Horse – I rigged and animated the ropes and horse, painted textures in Mari, created shaders, lit, rendered, and precomped all shots, as well as animated camera in fully CG horse shot (not shown in reel).
00:14-00:15 – [Bayer]
Weeds – Animation
00:15-00:16 – [Crown Royal]
Antique Billboard – Model
00:17-00:20 – [Under Armour]
Steph Curry doubles’ clothing – Model, Texture
Maya, Mari
I modeled and textured Under Armour clothing for Steph Curry’s CG doubles.
00:24-00:25 – [Lockheed Martin]
F-35 Fighter Helmet – Model
I modeled the F-35 helmet in Maya to provided reference of Lockheed Martin’s newest Helmet model.
00:30-00:32 – [Disney]
Mermaid Tails – Model, Texture
Maya, ZBrush, Mari, Arnold, Nuke
I modeled the mermaid tails by starting with a base mesh in Maya and taking it to ZBrush to sculpt scales and details on the fin to match a combination of provided references. By projecting a repeating texture onto the mesh in ZBrush, I was able to create a smooth flow of uniform scales throughout the tail. After modeling, I created the base texture in Mari with layers including diffuse, bump, spec roughness & weight, and iridescence. I then created a base shader for the LookDev artist.
00:32-00:33 – [Google]
“Sweet!” – Model, Animation, Texture, Shader, Light, Render
Maya, Mari, Mental Ray
00:34-00:37 – [Kim Crawford Wines]
Wine bottle, Various Props – Model
I modeled the props and wine bottle for a 24-piece zoetrope animation. Pieces such as the revolving handrail and wine rack were modeled in one 15 degree span of a circle and duplicated radially 24 times to repeat perfectly around the spinning zoetrope at 24 FPS.
00:40-00:45 – [Lincoln]
Full Spot – Previs
I used storyboards to previs camera moves, shot timing, and timing/placement of practical paint explosions before the shoot.
00:46-00:47 – [NY Lotto]
Gingie, Star, Beaver – Animation, Texture, Shaders, Light, Render, Precomp
Maya, Mari, Photoscan, Arnold, Nuke
Using Photoscan, we created base models and textures of the Christmas ornaments. We then cleaned up the geo and textures, created shaders, animated, & lit the shots starting with an HDR from the shoot & adding CG lights from there.
00:50-00:51 – [Montefiore]
Architectural Models – Textures, Shaders, Light, Render, Precomp
Maya, Mari, Arnold, Nuke
Our team of 5 lighters worked together texturing, shading, lighting, and laying out shots for all 8 buildings. Platforms were in the plate, and CG architectural models were added on top.
00:52-00:55 – [Bates Motel]
Motel Room, All – Shaders, Lighting, Render, Precomp
Maya, Arnold, Nuke
I shaded and lit the motel room in the classic Bates Motel style for the first shot of the Season 4 teaser.